Fred Minnick - Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author - Headshot with Ascot

When Camera Boy: An Army Journalists War in Iraq became a WSJ best-seller, I won’t lie: tears ran down my face. Did I really think I’d make a bestseller list after hundreds of rejections? Maybe I did. I am the dreamer who just doesn’t understand the word “quit.” After all, I’m trying to single handily bring back the ascot from extinction. Do you have any idea how many people hate the ascot? Oh, it’s a shame. When I’m not campaigning for 1800s-era neckties, I’m writing about wine or whiskey. I dabble in tech, retail, business and veterans health writing, too, and am a food photographer with a studio and stylist. Maybe one day I’ll create my own ascot line. Who knows? A boy can dream, right?

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